Executive Coaching

real world value Individual Coaching

Individual executive coaching is about enabling learning. Learning about what goals you have, what resources you have to meet those goals, and how to align these two things. What is key for executive coaching is that the coaching work is in the sweet spot where the individual is highly motivated by the organisational agenda.

lifetimeswork finds the work of executive coaching extends the leadership capacity of any combination of the following:

  • Understanding and Optimal Management of Capacity
  • Adaptability
  • Performance Stretch and Impact
  • Personal Presence and Authority
  • Focus
  • Unlocking of Creativity
  • Unlocking mindsets and paradigms
  • Strategy
  • Transformation and Change
  • Risk and Innovation

Coaching principally takes place in focussed conversations. The clients bring all of the agenda and all of the content of the work, and the coach is responsible for the process. The coach does not bring advice. Instead, the coach's job is to help the client get a full view of themselves and their context, so that they can tap into their own resources and creativity, and find their own solutions. Some of the work of coaching can be deep and intense, some of the work is firmly rooted in the very pragmatic. Every client and every coaching contract is different.

Indeed different clients will experience the lifetimeswork coaches differently. Sometimes reflective and quiet, sometimes action oriented. Sometimes working on deep personal traits, othertimes working on the business objectives. All of this is normal. Whilst lifetimeswork operates on a set of very strong principles,  how we coaches show up is as a result of each coaching client and the work involved in the coaching contract.

lifetimeswork is proud to work with a vast diversity of committed clients. We work hard on our own development to ensure we are flexible, and not bringing stock processes or glib solutions to the table. Instead we enter into a co-created contract with the client, where both commit to learning the best way of delivering on the contract. It is incredibly liberating for both parties to enter into this form of working, where neither have the answer, but enter into a process of discovery together.

lifetimeswork coaches are highly qualified, accredited and professional. We adopt 3 or 4-way contracting in all coaching work. This means there is a sponsor who commissions the work; this then forms part of the client's goals. In catering for this formally, including a client-led evaluation at the end of hte contract, the sponsor can be assured that the commission will be delivered. This in turn releases the coach and client to get on with the work confidentially.

lifetimeswork uses a variety of methods and techniques to enable the client's learning including Gestalt, NLP, Drama techniques, Mindfulness, the lifetimeswork 'Resilience Engine©, and many other models. Some of these can be found in the Coaching Resources section in this website. Enjoy browsing!