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Scottish & Newcastle Coaching Academy


In 2006 S&N was under extreme pressure to outperform its competitors in a global drinks market. This meant transforming itself  into a global company with leading brands. Change was a norm in the company: brands needed end to end support, not silo thinking; the business was now global; there was so much change that roles were shifting and employees had to be proactive about their own performance.

To help them do this, coaching was seen as a key development method, but key to cost was the creation of an internal body of great coaches. lifetimeswork supported the creation of their internal coaching academy.

Coaching Approach

Lifetimeswork delivered a comprehensive ‘coach the coach’ programme across 3 years. The programme was based on 3 modules across 36 months– Foundation, Proficiency Support and Diploma – that enable participants to understand, practice and stretch Coaching Skills and Attitudes. The programme mixed active workshops where contextualised role plays and exercises were used to open out learning, with 1-1 coaching which was used to assimilate the learning and build confidence to use with coaching clients.

Feedback from this programme highlighted how much coaching helped each participant really get to grips with their own capabilities and motivations, and so improved their own and their team performance. Strategic thinking exercises challenged misconceptions of what was possible, with participants walking away with a much clearer idea of how to apply ‘what-if’ style thinking.

The Results

Feedback on the value of the programme and of the internal coaching demonstrates the personal impact of the experience. S&N’s understanding of how to extract the value of coaching increased enormously, and a new strategy was devised to funnel the right coaches to the right business area. Examples include senior level coaching through to talent management. Processes and systems were put in place to ensure that coaching was properly managed. 24 accredited Foundation coaches started actively coaching in the company, with around 50% of these going to Diploma level.


“mentally very taxing …. At a personal level very challenging”

Stewart Allan

S&N UK Ltd 


“there were powerful examples and plenty of opportunity to test skills”

Tania Rideout

S&N UK Ltd 


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