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BT Retail EI Coaching Programme


As part of the launch of the new leadership competences within BT, Strategic Thinking and Emotional Intelligence were two areas seen as weak within BT Payphones middle management. A traditional phone business with people coming from engineering backgrounds, the broad ranging thinking in terms of people and in terms of commercial propositions was required to enhance business performance.

Coaching Approach

Lifetimeswork put together a group coaching programme, incorporating active workshops with 1-1 coaching, all targeted to extend the capabilities of the individual participants in the two areas. Much of the initial emphasis was on understanding self to improve understanding of what drives each person, and how this manifests in a work context. Role plays on how to motivate and lead were used to extend understanding of leading others, and an innovative high tech case study was developed to demonstrate, unpick and stretch strategic thinking


Feedback from this programme highlighted how much coaching helped each participant really get to grips with their own capabilities and motivations, and so improved their own and their team performance. Strategic thinking exercises challenged misconceptions of what was possible, with participants walking away with a much clearer idea of how to apply ‘what-if’ style thinking.


Enormously personally beneficial....Appreciated most of the role play exercises and 1-1 coaching

Ali Ali-Abbas

Senior Finance Manager, BT Retail 


Focussed, relevant and extremely good at forcing inward thinking.... Appreciated most the relevance to current working environments/pressures

Phil Rogers

National Operations

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