Team Resilience

lifetimework is excited to be undertaking a new research programme into Team Resilience. Join in!

The original research from 2009 showed that an organisation's resilience is 50% dependent on that of its top team. The research was indicative around this rather than completely robust; lifetimeswork, along with our sponsor The Academy of Executive Coaching, intend to uncover more clearly this linkage. At the heart of our enquiry are the following questions

  1. What is Team Resilience?

  2. How can you build and sustain Team Resilience?

  3. How is Team Resilience linked to Team Performance?

  4. How is Team Resilience linked to Organisational Resilience

To undertake this research there are three axes of work. Firstly, there is desk research. Secondly, a series of Insight interviews are being conducted with leaders across all industries. And lastly, in-depth enquiry work is being undertaken by the lifetimeswork Team Resilience Research Consortium. This is a community of coaches, HR and strategy consultants who are working actively with senior teams to discover the answer to the questions above.

The research work has started in earnest in the Spring of 2012. Already we have one client, Pioneer Investments, who have jumped in early and are benefiting from the impact. Benefits for clients include

  • Understanding of your own team resilience and it’s connections to your performance
  • Understanding of the factors that contribute and hinder team resilience
  • Understanding of any development that you may need to consider to enhance your resilience
  • Understanding of overall research results
  • To connect with others in the resilience community (if so desired)
  • Possible additional benefits depending on individual team
    • Improvement in your collective learning
    • A good sense check of stakeholder views of you as a team

For coaches, this is a chance to work differently with client teams, to join a growing learning community about resilience, and to enhance your own practice.

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